Individual Lessons                                     Group Lessons

       Please email for rates                                       Please email for rates


               Lessons are year round and 4 lessons a month.  

                 Due to Holidays, there are various months with at least 3 lessons.

                4 sessions in the year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer-A and B

    Weekly Individual lessons are mandatory for continuous flute improvement.

     Lesson Time Availability

                 Email for times.





                Make up Lessons on                                                    Friday/another day 


              When can we start individual lessons?


                               As soon as possible!


Studio Information Packet 
  for those interested to know more about lessons, please ask for this!
   Sent via email through Word Document
Blocki Beginner Flute
       Curved and Straight Head Joints

 Some questions, and answers are

       either in the packet or discussed in lessons!


 What will individual lessons cost for

           30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour?

  Do group lessons cost extra?

  How may I purchase a flute for my child? 

  How may I purchase a flute for myself?

  Do you have flute purchase agreements?


  What skill set can one learn through music?

  What method books do we purchase?

       From who do we purchase them?


  What materials are needed for lessons?

  What does your studio motto mean (direction)?

   How do I influence a practice routine with my children?

   How do I motivate myself to establish a flute routine?

   What helpful practice hints are there?

   What is the pneumo pro, yellow plastic device for?




                    Introduction Individual                               Lesson is Free!


Pneumo Pro and
    BFM 1 and 2 Method Books