Award-Winning Blocki Flute Method Books

               1, 2, and 3          About Blocki Flute Methods 

Alea's Studio 2013-present

Skills students will learn:

   Musical Identity Warm-Up           Note Reading




   Body Mapping

   Practice Routine

   Music/Flute History

   Enjoyment to Know the Art


Movement games are encouraged when age appropriate. 

Kinderflute individual lessons are for 4 to 6 year-olds

Blocki Flute Method lessons are for 7+ year-olds

      -includes high school age and on

Group lessons are for

     7+ year-old students.

   Three to four students per

       group class. 

Teacher Listing on Kathy Blocki's website

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Studio Motto







Can Attitude

Open to Learn

Now is the Time

Blocki Flute Method

    Teacher Course

2019 NFA Convention Salt Lake City, Utah Blocki Flute Method Mentors & Colleagues

NFA 2017 Minnesota

    Kathy Blocki is the creator of the award-winning Blocki Flute Method, KinderfluteTM and the Pneumo Pro Wind (Winner of NAMM “Best Tools for Schools Award”). Her clinics on teaching the flute have been enthusiastically received in Europe, Canada, Australia, and throughout the United States. Articles on teaching the flute were published in National Flute Association 2012 Pedagogy Anthology, the New Zealand “Flute Focus” magazine and “School Band and Orchestra” magazine. Also in 2012, articles featuring her method of teaching the flute appeared in Chicago “Pipe Notes”, the Dutch “Fluit” magazine and the German “Flute Aktuel” journal.